Fries and Chicken Fried Steak

 Fries and Chicken Fried SteakTexas foods have a very wide range of traditional influences that enable them to come up with an equally exceptional hefty amount of distinct special Texas recipes. Among the many Texas recipes there are a fine selection of greasy delicacies composed of junk food. Junk food is a very significant part of the Texas foods that has made the Texas foods very popular with many people. There are a few Texas recipes of junk foods that will utterly astound you as a result of their rather overwhelming saccharine taste. One among the many Texas foods of the junk food class include the deep-fried chicken steak with tint of creamy gravy sauce and the relatively common home fries or chips.

Home Fries Texas Recipe

The first step of this Texas food is apparently a wonderful peeling of the potatoes. A potato peeler can be very handy in performing of this specific task. When you are done with the peeling process you should cut them into fine shaped square stick pieces which is the basic shape of the popularfries. If you feel like having some diversity

Exotic and Super Spicy Foods Korean Kimchi

Exotic and Super Spicy Foods Korean KimchiKimchi is a traditional Korean pickled dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings. It is a delightfully fiery hot and delicious Chinese cabbage dish. However, it must be prepared far in advance. When you sit down for Korean foods and they bring you sixteen bowls of vegetables, fish, pastes and sauces – a lot of that is kimchi. It is always something that’s there (at the table).

It is a traditional fermented food from Korea. The most common type of kimchi uses napa cabbage as its main ingredient, but it can also be made with daikon radishes, cucumbers, or other ingredients. It is made mainly by salting Chinese cabbage and dressing it with red pepper powder, garlic, ginger, scallions and radish. This mixture is then placed in clay containers called onggi and left to fermentate slowly. November and December are traditionally when people begin to make kimchi; women often gather together in each others’ homes to help with winter kimchi preparations. It is a Korean fiery foods product that few people in the west have even heard of, much less tasted. But all

China Sichuan Cuisine

China Sichuan Cuisine For People Who Like Spicy FoodSichuan Cuisine, known more commonly in the West as “Szechuan,” is one of the most famous Chinese cuisines in the world. Characterized by its spicy and pungent flavors, Sichuan cuisine, with a myriad of tastes, emphasizes the use of chili. Pepper and prickly ash are always in accompaniment, producing the typical exciting tastes. Garlic, ginger and fermented soybean are also used in the cooking process. Wild vegetables and meats such as are often chosen as ingredients, while frying, frying without oil, pickling and braising are used as basic cooking techniques.

It can be said that one who doesn’t experience Sichuan food has never reached China.

Typical menu items: Hot Pot; Smoked Duck; Kung Pao Chicken; Water-Boiled Fish; Tasty and Spicy Crab; Twice Cooked Pork; Mapo Tofu

Hope the above menu food names don’t confuse you, because it’s really hard to accomplish a perfect English version menu for Sichuan Cuisine

This has been a headache for the Beijing government. Olympic Game 2008 will soon to come. Many foreigners will flow to China and come to Chinese restaurant. When they

How to Make Indonesian Spicy Food – “Rendang” From Padang West Sumatra

rendangIndonesia have thousands of Island, the second biggest Island is Sumatera. Sumatera is divided into six Provinces, and one of them is West Sumatera. There is a famous city at this province named Padang City.

Besides richness of customs and many good destinations, Padang has hundreds of food recipes. If you visiting Padang City one time, don’t forget to taste The Padang Cuisine. Padang Cuisine one of the famous Indonesian culinary.

Padang was famous with the spicy foods that is Rendang, base material rendang from egg or meat and red pepper.

I am sure after having a meal Rendang your sight will be more bright, and you can refresh your mind…..of course after that you can do your activity with fresh, fresh…. hah!

Here is complete recipe:

For 4 portions serving:

– ¼ kg. Meat
– 4 cloves red onion
– red pepper (as your desire)
– chili (as your desire)
– 3 cloves garlic
– 4 – 5 cloves candlenut
-1 stick lemongrass
– 3 pcs lemon leaf
– 1 clove ginger plant
– salt